5 Ways Quirk Is Kinder to People and the Planet

5 Ways Quirk Is Kinder to People and the Planet

Here at Quirk, we dream of making fashion a more sustainable and ethical industry where waste, pollution, emissions, and unsafe labor conditions are the exception, not the norm. ⁣We consider the social and environmental impacts of Quirk at every step in the process, from the actual product to packaging and shipping.


These are some of the key ways we are striving to be kinder to people and the planet.


1. Cork is our hero material.

All Quirk bags are made from cork, a sustainable, vegan, renewable material. Cork oak trees actually help sequester carbon dioxide; it’s estimated that the cork oak forests of Portugal help offset 10 million tons of carbon each year.⁣


2. Intentionally timeless.

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion encourages shoppers to buy more and more items. We purposefully design our bags to be classic, sleek, and simple and choose colors and shapes that can be worn all year round on any occasion. Less is more!


3. Our bags plant trees.

For every Quirk bag sold, we plant one tree via One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted reforestation projects help to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity.⁣ Read more about our partnership with One Tree Planted and the positive impact of planting trees here.


⁣4. Ethical manufacturing.

All Quirk products are made ethically in Porto, Portugal. We partner with a small, family-owned factory in Portugal to manufacture all of our bags. Our founder Devika regularly visits our factory and works closely with their team to design the highest quality bags possible. ⁣


5. Conscious packaging and shipping.

We are minimizing waste and emissions in our packaging and shipping. The boxes our bags are be shipped in are made from recycled and recyclable materials. The bags come enclosed in a reusable fabric dust cover instead of plastic. We carbon offset all of our shipments.⁣



Quirk is at the beginning of our journey. We may not be perfect yet but we are very proud so far of our progress. We are committed to continually shrinking our environmental footprint and maximizing positive social impact.⁣
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