Tree Planting Update: August 2021

Tree Planting Update: August 2021
As proud partners of One Tree Planted, all Quirk purchases plant trees. One tree is planted for every bag sold to be precise!
Each quarter, we rotate our contributions to different reforestation projects across the world. Projects vary from continent to continent, some targeting areas impacted by fires and floods, and others specifically rebuilding animal habitats or restoring watersheds.

This past quarter, Quirk customers helped us plant over 100 fruit trees in India!


India reforestation project

One Tree Planted partners with local communities across 12 states in India to plant fruit trees, making a positive impact for both people and the environment. These fruit trees contribute to fighting hunger and boosting local economies, while also combatting climate change and improving air quality.

Key benefits of the project, according to One Tree Planted:

  • Reduce hunger & malnutrition
  • Support at-risk coastal ecosystems
  • Assist marginalized communities by increasing income


Stay tuned for the announcement of our next project with One Tree Planted!

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